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The Bingo Bulletin is a newsletter of bingo clubs' games in North & South Carolina, East Tennessee, and Georgia.

Our bingo clubs newsletter, The Bingo Bulletin, is the premiere southeastern, now in its 20th year of publication. We strive to provide bingo players the most current and timely information on where to play bingo and what is happening in the bingo world.

We are published around the 15th of each month and distributed to over 50,000 readers of news about bingo clubs throughout the Southeast.

We will work with our faithful advertisers to give them exactly what they need and want. We will work as hard as possible to give you fresh exciting ideas and a difference in our bingo clubs newsletter!

We have an awesome presence on the web, with placement on Google and Yahoo! on the first page, in most instances, for many popular search terms!

“The Bingo Bulletin” is the Largest Bingo Paper for bingo clubs in the South East! Our paper goes from Florida to Maryland, NC, SC, GA,  AL and now Nevada and has been going strong for the past 20 years. And more states coming in.

You may not know but 25% of America plays bingo at bingo clubs twice a week. The average person is between 17 and 55 with an average income of $25,000 to $50,000 or above. All bingo clubs are charities that raise money to help their communities.

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Demographics about Bingo Players


percent support bingo over gambling


times per week play on average


percent are female


percent use coupons

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