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The prices for advertising in The Bingo Bulletin are very competitive. We are the largest Bingo Newspaper in the Southeast as well as #1 on the web!

Monthly rates for an ad in the newspaper and on the web:

Ad size/position



2 pages – Center Spread Ad Application – spot color $2000
Back Page Ad Application – spot color $1000
Full Inside Page Ad Application $650 $780
1/2 Inside page Ad Application $350 $420
1/4 Inside page Ad Application $185 $222
1/8 Inside page Ad Application $95 $114
Add 10% for the web    


When you sign up for 6-months, our gifts to you:

Gift #1: One Front Cover Story within the first 6 months………………….Value $1000
Gift #2: One Inside Story within the second 6 months…………………….Value $650
Gift #3: Website Ad……………………………………………………..Value $100/month
Gift #4: FREE SETUP and Ad Design…………………………..Value up to $100/month
Gift #5: Photos* included in the paper on a monthly basis……..Value $95 Picture
Total Gift Value for advertising is $1,945+ !
(photos must be provided by advertiser)

To Pay SECURELY with  Visa  or    CALL to place your order.


To Pay with PayPal, click HERE.
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We are on the 1st page of Google Search! Our website comes up on the first page of Yahoo!, AltaVista, GOOGLE and more, when a search is done for “bingo” followed by a city and state, in which we have an advertiser.

  • One of our advertisers, Littlefield Entertainment has their Bingo Halls on the top of the first page on GOOGLE and Yahoo! because The Bingo Bulletin’s website comes up in a top spot every time, with their bingo halls listed. Try it out. Enter “Bingo Charleston SC” and Littlefield’s Bingo Halls come up for Charleston – because they’re in the Bingo Bulletin and therefore on the Bingo Bulletin website.
  • Try another one! Go to (or or ) and put “Bingo Ladson SC” in the search box. The Bingo Bulletin comes up in the number one spot with Beacon Bingo in Ladson listed for everyone to see. If someone was looking for a bingo hall in Ladson, that’s how they would search for it, since they wouldn’t know the names of any halls. They might not even know that they can play bingo online!
  • Yet another one of our advertisers, Clover Bingo, also has the number one spot on GOOGLE simply by being on the Bingo Bulletin website! As you may be aware, businesses spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to get to the top of the search engines!

Take advantage of our website – one of the FIRST to be on the web – and its top ranking on the Internet. Your website can benefit from that additional exposure! Simply having your link on our website (along with your ad) will help your website ranking on the search engines because more and more search engines rank according to how many other sites have relevant links to yours. As you are probably aware, recent surveys show that over 70% of the population now research purchases, entertainment choices and trips, on the web.

Your website will have tons of exposure in print and on our website!! In fact, the Bingo Bulletin is so popular that copies are literally grabbed right out of the delivery people’s hands! Why? Because we’re the only bingo paper out on the streets for people to pick up! And because we are a monthly publication, customers hold on to that edition to reference over and over, until the next one is delivered. This guarantees a long shelf life for your ad, so your ad is seen over and over all month long!
P.S. Check it out: Go to and enter Clover SC Bingo and you’ll see Bingo Bulletin and Clover Bingo in the top spot!

You can be there too! Call us! 828-254-9530
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