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The Bingo Bulletin is a paper that is referred to more frequently than most newspapers, over much of the Southeast originating from Asheville, NC. Players check and re-check to verify times, dates and special prizes. They also keep the paper handy for an entire month, or even longer. Unlike some other papers it isn’t thrown away at the end of the day. Request a free media kit here.

Demographics of Bingo Players By:



Under $16,000 2 % 18 – 24 38 %
$16,000 to $20,000 5 % 25 – 44 29 %
$20,000 to $24,000 26 % 45 – 64 22 %
$24,000 to $30,000 33 % 65 and Over 11 %
$30,000 – $34,000 18 %


$34,000 and over 8 % Male – 43 % Female – 57 %


The Bingo Bulletin is published on about the 15th of every month. All ads and articles are due in by the 7th of each month to ensure proper layout. We specialize in custom designed advertising. All businesses are welcome to advertise with us, and many specials are given to regular customers. All advertisers will also join us on the web!

The Bingo Bulletin specializes in creating ads using your logos and artwork. All advertising must be approved between the 1st and the 7th of each month to ensure proper layout for that issue.

Additionally, for those advertisers that prepay for 6 months, we will write a full page story with pictures about your business. It would include additional information about the business and also a picture(s) (of the building or employees) to be provided by the advertiser.

Your ad will also be seen online just as it appears in the paper.

For your convenience, we also accept Visa, Master Card, PayPal and of course the “good old” American check.

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“The Bingo Bulletin”, is the Largest Bingo Paper in the South East! Our paper goes from Florida to Maryland, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL and now Nevada and has been going strong for the past 18 years. And more states coming in.

You may not know but 25% of America play’s bingo twice a week. The average person is between 17 and 55 with an average income of $25,000 to $50,000 or above. All bingos are charities that raise money to help their communities. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to be in the Bingo Bulletin too! Not only are we the biggest and best Bingo paper in the Southeast, we are number ONE on the web! Our being number one makes YOU number one, if you advertise with us.

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We’re going to the printer on the 15th. Please call us immediately to insure your placement in this month’s paper!



Bingo Demographics & Player Profile

Bingo in today’s market is dramatically different than what most people perceive as a “nice little game” with little old white-haired grandmothers covering a single bingo cards with some type of chip. There are over 50,000 bingo halls in North America and 60 million bingo players. In reality it is extremely sophisticated with the advent of electronics which allows players to play 60+ cards at one time and simultaneously play instant tickets that regularly have jackpots of $10,000, $20,000 or more.

Bingo Players In North America Wagered $10 Billion Dollars!

Attendance at Bingo vs. Other forms of Entertainment

Bingo 1.6 Billion visits per year
Movies 954.2 Million visits per year
Bowling 734.7 Million visits per year
Casinos 92 Million visits per year
Rock concerts 40 Million visits per year
NBA Games 17.9 Million visits per year
NFL Games 14 Million visits per year

North Americans Support Legalized Gambling By A 3-1 Margin!

  • -Bingo favored by 79%
  • -Lotteries favored by 75%
  • -Riverboats favored by 67%
  • -Slot Machines favored by 66%
  • -Horse Racing favored by 65%
  • -City Casinos favored by 64%
  • -Native American Casinos favored by 53%
  • -Dog Races favored by 52%
  • -Pro Sports favored by 48%

Bingo Player Profile

  • (60,000 Players)
  • -70% of players are female. 5 Years ago 98% of players were female.
  • -30% of players are male.
  • -Average age of female players is 53. 5 years ago it was 58.
  • -Average age of male players is 48.
  • -High school educated
  • -Average Players income ranges from $32,000 to $70,000 annually
  • -Approximately 70% are still working outside the home.
  • -Most players play 3-4 times a week.
  • -65% of the women smoke
  • -55% of the men smoke.
  • -Players eat fast food a minimum of 4 times a week.
  • -Over 85% use coupons extensively (fast food, groceries, sundries, etc.)
  • -Over 75% shop discount stores predominantly (Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc)

Magazine Distribution & Locations

  • -The Bingo Books are available at bingo halls that advertise in our magazine.
  • -Over 100 non-bingo distribution spots are available for pick-up
  • -Distribution begins 7 days before 1st of each month. One full month of guaranteed exposure!
  • -All magazines are usually picked up by the Players before 10th of each month