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The Bingo Bulletin is now in its 16th year of publication. We strive to provide bingo players the most current and timely information on where to play bingo and what is happening in the bingo world.

We are published around the 15th of each month and distributed to over 50,000 readers throughout the Southeast.

We will work with our faithful advertisers to give them exactly what they need and want. We will work as hard as possible to give you fresh exciting ideas and a difference!

We have an awesome presence on the web, with placement on Google and Yahoo! on the first page, in most instances, for many popular search terms!

Our Current Staff Consists of:

Title Name
Owner/Editor/Publisher/Ad Manager Sharron
Graphics Donna
Web Design & Marketing
Journalist Donna
Sales Rep Denise Sparks

“The Bingo Bulletin”, is the Largest Bingo Paper in the South East! Our paper goes from Florida to Maryland, NC, SC, GA,  AL and now Nevada and has been going strong for the past 18 years. And more states coming in.

You may not know but 25% of America play’s bingo twice a week. The average person is between 17 and 55 with an average income of $25,000 to $50,000 or above. All bingos are charities that raise money to help their communities. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to be in the Bingo Bulletin too! Not only are we the biggest and best Bingo paper in the Southeast, we are number ONE on the web! Our being number one makes YOU number one, if you advertise with us.
By advertising with The Bingo Bulletin you can get a number one spot on GOOGLE, Yahoo, and other premier search engines on the Internet! As you may be aware, businesses spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to get to the top of the search engines! Take advantage of our website – one of the FIRST to be on the web – and its top ranking on the Internet. You don’t even need your own website when you advertise with us.

Our graphic’s department can create a striking new ad for you. There’s a uniqueness about our paper that other papers don’t have. People don’t read it just once. They keep it all month long to reference all the bingo and other information that’s in  there. So your ad is going to be seen over and over again all month long. We’re going to the printer on the 15th. Please call us immediately to insure your placement in this month’s paper!

Sincerely, Sharron


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